Black Swords


Up-dates, demo, project

After something like nine months, a little up-date has been done (mostly to actualize the presentation pages and to put contact addresses on this website). The biography (that really needs an up-date) is in progress, so there will be a big up-date on the following months (including a new “side-readable-logo”, a new biography, maybe some little musical files and theoretically all of our lyrics).

So, what's new? The band didn't work a lot for Black Swords' music this year, but, it's possible that the band members will record the new “From the Graves” version this summer. Moreover, at the end of march, few things were decided:

  1. K.Dich will only stay in the band until the recording of “From the Graves” (that will be recorded on two different versions) and ΚΦ will stay a few more time, as he will compose and even write the lyrics from a song for the “?” demo; after that, Black Swords will become a project with only B.Iron and Gloom.
  2. The band members will make a little demo called ‘The Burial of “From the Graves”’ (it will contains the two different new versions, three lives and two old version from “From the Graves”).

There will be more details on the forthcoming biography.