Black Swords


Few names and track-list changes

Those last times, by working on the lyrics of some Black Swords' song, Gloom changed the title of “Blinded human's unbelievable lust” in “A few of so much why…”, “Preacher, satanist, 'em, me” in “Who does not preach?”,“Kill your god, kill yourself” in “To kill god is to kill oneself…”, “My sword of the doom” in “The sword of the doom”, “You victim of society” in “Victim of society”, “The beautiful suicide” in “Few suicide reasons”, “Living with dead souls” in “The souls takers”, on the other hand “The somber man” took back it's first title that is “The man in black”; “Non-serenity” and “A bleak life of solitude” has been gather in “Missing serenity in this bleak life of solitude” and a part of “A bleak life of solitude” has been integrated in “Dream, a wonderland?”, by the way, an interrogation dot has been added on this last one, “The throne of chaos…” and “…never ended” has been gather in one song named “The throne of chaos … never ended”, lastly, “Art Of Living” and the five songs that followed it has been gather and summarized in one song entitled “The reasons of art (that's a sublimation to escape to life)”. Otherwise, the songs “Living with dead souls” and “Suicide by vengeance” that were part of the concept are now part of the demo whose title has been change accordingly thus: “? or the worst: living with dead souls praying death from the graves of the throne of chaos as suicide by vengeance when humanity die by lie”.

Addendum: some other modification alike those ones and suppressions of songs occurred latter and was not announced in the news, sometimes it was directly put in the complete biography (because it was too late to announce it in the news), sometimes, it was never announced at all (because there are no trace of when those changes occurred).