Black Swords



Gloom remastered again the rehearsal version of “Can Something stop…” (on April 4th), the pieces from “? (Preview Demo)” (on April 6th) and the pieces from the “Démo Raté” (on April 10th). The aim was not to have a highly compressed modern sound but rather to improve a bit the sound by removing noises in the background (that was impossible to do for “Art Of Living” because of the way the cries where added in the solo that added too much background noises) and, for most of the “? (Preview Demo)” pieces, by having a better balance (the problem was not just the panning but also the bass and treble balance that was a lot different from left to right).

The fact is that some audio files from the website have been corrupted (that was noticed by working on the Optimistic decay's website) and its too rare back-ups only contained copies from the corrupted files. For the “Démo Ratée” files, its original CD-R remastered in 2002 was also corrupted (that was not the case for the others CD-Rs, also remastered in 2002, that was used as bases for the pieces already remastered), so, the “Démo Ratée” was remastered from the original tape.

Addendum: this news has been divided in two, one for the Optimistic decay's website where it was originaly and one for the re-created Black Swords' website.