Black Swords


Black Swords' website's currently accessible

October 10th (approximately), Black Swords' website (that is still not finished…) has been unreachable due to technical problems and it came back online this November 1st.

The technical problems are certainly due to Gloom who is also responsible for most of the time it took to recover (having other priorities).

There was a more “geeky” explaination that has been removed by up-dating this news (mostly because nothing is sure about that).

Addendum: This news has been published in Optimistic decay's website this October 28th because this website was inaccessible, then, it has been modified (the title changed from: “Black Swords' website's currently inaccessible” to: “Black Swords' website's currently accessible”) when this website came back and (after some work on this last one that new parts added during its inaccessibility had to be tested) it has been lastly moved here.