Black Swords


Black Swords' website's currently accessible

The Black Swords' website has been unreachable for a few weeks due to some technical issues. As of the moving time of this news (from Optimistic decay's website to this one), things have now gone back to normal.

Recreating Black Swords' website

The Black Swords' website is back.

Re-remasterings and temporary closing of the website

Following to the corruption of some audio files, some pieces were remastered again and some others will be.

No more "Black Swords"

The band won't be named "Black Swords" anymore.

Last photos

The last band photos has been added, but, later, it has been suppressed.

Gloom's statement

Gloom wrote a statement about "Black Swords" and "Optimistic decay".

Latest recording

The last recording with K.Dich is online.

K.Dich deceased

K.Dich left us.

Name change

After the demo: “Black Swords” will be named “Optimistic decay”.

One of the demo's song's composition finished

The composition of “Praying death”, the first song from the forthcoming demo, is finished.

Black Swords has started again

The band has started to rehearse again.

Few names and track-list changes

By working on the heptalogy, Gloom changed a few songs' title and moved some songs from the heptalogy to the demo's track-list.

Downloads more suitably hosted

The musical files are now professionally hosted.

Downloads hosted by Gloom

The musical files are back in Gloom's server.

Hosting problems partly solved

The musical files are suppressed and the images files are moved to the (slower) server hosting those pages.

Hosting problems

The images are variably accessible and downloads are inaccessible.

New website

The new website is opened.

The website is now accessible with

Non-content's up-date

A technical and visual up-date has been done.

On hold

Due to different personal problems, the band is now on hold.

Up-dates, demo, project

A little up-date has been done. Moreover, the band forcast to do a demo this summer, after that, K.Dich won't be a band member anymore and ΚΦ stays until the recording of “?”, then the band will become a project.

No news at first

There are no news.

News' syndication

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What is syndication and how to use it?

The syndication is most of all used to centralize some “syndication feeds” (that might be news, up-dates, new articles, …, indeed anything with a “time stamp”) of any website to gather (aggragete) those, so, it's possible to see if there is something new in all the websites proposing this kind of feeds without visiting those.

To be able to consult any syndication feed, you need a software made for that, generally this kind of software is called an “aggregator”.

Here is a list of a few aggregators:

  • Akregator (for KDE graphic environement and so for GNU/Linux operating system);
  • LiFeRea (for GNOME graphic environement and so for GNU/Linux operating system);
  • Pears (for all operating systems);