Black Swords


Black Swords has been a Belgian Doom Metal band created in 1994 and ceasing its activities from the end of 1999 to the begining of 2000, from the mid 2000 to mid 2005 and since 2007.

The lyrics are based on the result of interrogations about fatality, death, society and so on.

To support those poetic lyrics, the strongest and deepest emotions referring to those writings has been expressed by an emotive music that is metallic, atmospheric, rhythmic and melodic.

The voices are emotive, the guitars are often saturated, the bass is omnipresent and the drums are put forward in order to add to the whole as much heaviness as possible.

The band's two founding members planed to continue on their own to write, compose and record a heptalogy (a seven album concept) under the name “Optimistic decay” after recording a demonstration with the last line-up of the band.

In 2007, following to the decease of K.Dich, that was the keyboard player, the band ceased its activity as a band at first during a natural mourning time, then, personal problems rendered impossible the band's recovery.

In 2012, Gloom (one of the two co-founders of the band) decided not to use the name “Black Swords” anymore what ever happens (see his statement that talks partly about that).

In 2019, an unxepected way out occured but it is still not revealed (and it have nothing to do with the band reuniting), all about that will be told in the right time…

In 2020, it has been decided that, in order to organise this way out, the Black Swords website will become used again, that's why the domain name is no more a redirection and what is presently in the Optimistic decay website will be divided in two website, this one containing all the informations of what Black Swords has been between 1994 and 2007 and the Optimistic decay one what was already done for that project. But, prior to that, the Optimistic decay website as it was organised before have to be finished.