Black Swords


Limited biography

In Seraing (Liège Province, Wallonia, Belgium), in June 1994, B.Iron, drummer, and Gloom, guitar player, have their first band experience when they integrate the group of Aran, singer guitar player, band that, by the way, never really had a name. In December 1994, Gloom has just found a bass player nicknamed Dave for this band when Aran decides to follow his way alone. B.Iron and Gloom (that became a singer by still being a guitar player) thus create “Black Swords”, accompanied by Dave. Their music can be described as Doom Metal.

In April 1995, Laurent E., guitar player, a Gloom and almost Dave's acquaintance joins the band. Two weeks later, in May, Dave leaves Black Swords.

In june, B.Iron and Gloom are invited by Psycho-Fred to take part to his broadcast on radio Amay. Besides the interview, they broadcast “Eternal Peace” and “Back From The Front”, songs that has been recorded with what they have as a test for their future first demonstration.

That same month, Laurent leaves Black Swords.

At the beginning of July, a bass player, Bertrand integrates the band. He only stayed two weeks.

Meanwhile, the band moves out to Grâce-Hollogne (near Seraing).

Then B.Iron records the drums for the demonstration until August.

Then, the band comes back to its first rehearsal local.

From September to November, Gloom records the bass, the guitars as well as the vocals. The result being far from what was expected, the demonstration is entitled: “Démo Ratée” and is not commercialized.

December 16th, 1995, Black Swords makes it's first gig at Comblain la Tour with Ragnarok (Aran's one-man-band).

Later, Tity, bass player singer, joins the band.

In January 1996, the band goes back to the Grâce-Hollogne rehearsal local.

A bit later, Aran joins Black Swords as a guitar player.

In February, Aran leaves the band.

Tity does the same later that month.

In August, “Eternal Peace” is recorded with a synthetic drums (a rhythm box) to know how it sounds like as they consider that, with their material, they can't record the real drums suitably.

The band is joined by a guitar player: Lio., that becomes Black Swords' bass player.

In September, a guitar player Benja., an acquaintance of Lio., integrates the band.

September 21st, 1996, Black Swords does its second gig at the Salle Bonne Nouvelle (without Benja. that didn't already rehearse with the band), opening for the bands Psyko-map, BooZe and Heinz 57.

In December, “Life From A Distant Point Of View” and “Death From A Close Point Of View” are recorded at Aran's home to have the best sound possible.

In January and February 1997, Gloom records 7 other songs with the same method that was used to record “Eternal Peace”. The result of this demonstration is satisfying but, the real drums not being recorded, this one is not commercialized. It's title is: “? (Preview Demo)” (a demonstration with the drums is then forecast under the title: “?”).

In April, not being involved enough in Black Swords, Lio. is pleased by B.Iron and Gloom to do an effort. He then prefers to leave the band. Gloom leaves his guitar beside, taking the bass in order to play the gigs.

At the end of July, the Black Swords' members are interviewed by Jean-François L. for the 2nd number of the Metal Mania fanzine.

At the end of September, to announce the output of the 2nd number of that fanzine, Jean-François and Morbid Noise, the Metal Mania editors, as well as Gloom (that also participate a bit to that 2nd number), go to Équinoxe radio, in the Tohu-Bohu broadcast of Killer. The broadcast being centred on the fanzine, Killer just asks a few questions about Black Swords to Gloom and then broadcasts “Rotting Decadence”.

October 1st, 1997, Black Swords is headlining with Eidôlon opening at Le Couvent.

Later, Gloom begins the elaboration of a concept with a great part of the lyrics written for Black Swords.

About two weeks after that gig ΚΦ, Eidôlon's bass player, accepts to join the band (so, Gloom takes back his guitar).

Since the 3rd Black Swords' gig, Benja. didn't came to rehearse. He announces his decision to leave the band at the end of January 1998.

At the beginning of June, K.Dich clearly joins Black Swords as “live session keyboard player” by starting rehearsing with them.

July 18th, 1998, Black Swords is once again headlining with Épiphora opening at the Carlo Levi.

In august, it's decided that Black Swords will become a studio band. ΚΦ proposes to do a last gig, the other band members agree.

So, October 9th, 1998, Black Swords does its last gig À Bâton Rouge with F.O.R: opening.

One week later, K.Dich is integrated in the band as permanent member.

In December 1999, Gloom cease to play any music and so, the band stops rehearsing.

In March 2000, Gloom finaly thinks about comming back to music, and then, the Black Swords' members decide that after their demonstration's recording, the band will become a project that will record a heptalogy (7 albums whose conceptualization began in October 1997), with only B.Iron and Gloom as members.

In July, some events external to the band hinders Black Swords to rehearse. Not being hurried, the band members prefer to wait to have enough time for Black Swords before rehearsing again.

Life's vicissitudes do that the band only start to rehearse again in July 2005.

At the end of September 2006, B.Iron and Gloom decide that after the recording of that demonstration, the name of the band will change to become “Optimistic decay”.

May 30th, 2007, K.Dich deceases. B.Iron, Gloom and ΚΦ decide to let the mourning time before starting Black Swords again.

The mourning time passed, personal problems between B.Iron and Gloom renders impossible the band's recovery.

June 4th, 2009, Gloom decides to come to an end with Black Swords (and the Optimistic decay's project) to go ahead and that's what he's done. At the end of that same year, more serene, he comes back to his decision, considering the band as “on hold”.

In November 2012 he also decides not to use anymore the name “Black Swords” whatever happens.

Things follows their path and in 2019, something happend but as it's not under the “Black Swords”' name, when things will be ready for that, it will be told elsewhere…