Black Swords



In December 1994, Black Swords, a Belgian Doom Metal band is created by B.Iron (drums) and Gloom (guitar an vocals); they where then accompanied by Dave (bass). In April 1995, Laurent E. (guitar) joins the band, in May, Dave leaves the band, in June, Laurent also leaves Black Swords. Afterwards, Bertrand (bass) in July 1995, Tity (bass) at the end of 1995 and the beginning of 1996, Aran (guitar) at the beginning of 1996, Lio. (bass) at the 2nd half of 1996 and the 1st quarter of 1997 and Benja. (guitar) at the last quarter of 1996, 1997 and the beginning of 1998 succeeded one another to finally give their seat to ΚΦ (bass) in October 1997 and K.Dich (keyboard) in June 1998.

After 4 gigs (December 16th, 1995 at Comblain la Tour with Ragnarok, September 21st, 1996 at the Salle Bonne Nouvelle opening for Psyko-map, BooZe and Heinz 57, October 1st, 1997 at Le Couvent headlining, with Eidôlon and July 18th, 1998 at the Carlo levi still headlining, with Épiphora), the Black Swords' members decided to become a studio band and to do a last gig that took place in October 9th, 1998 À Bâton Rouge, with F.O.R: opening).

Black Swords tried to record a demonstration several times, but the result has never been completely satisfying, that's why nor the “démo ratée” (end of 1995) neither “? (Preview Demo)” (beginning of 1997) has been commercialized. The band began to prepare the recording of a demonstration; after that, only B.Iron and Gloom would follow the adventure under the name “Optimistic decay”.

The band members has been interviewed three times, one for the fanzine Metal Mania (in July 1997) and two times in a radio (radio Amay in June 1995 and Équinoxe radio in September 1997), three Black Swords songs has been broadcast in those radios.

Life's vicissitudes do that between the end of 1999 and the first quarter of 2000 and from mid 2000 to mid 2005, the band didn't rehearse. Following K.Dich decease May 30th, 2007, B.Iron, Gloom and ΚΦ cease to rehearse.