Black Swords

Press clipping


Metal Mania 2, in french (October 1997)

The scans of the interview

Metal Mania N°2, entrevue de Black Swords' 1 de 3.
Metal Mania N°2, entrevue de Black Swords' 2 de 3.
Metal Mania N°2, entrevue de Black Swords' 3 de 3.


This interview is not translated because we prefer to leave it as it was when published and because: “Traduttore, traditore”.

For different reasons the scans has been truncated (most notably the fact that the addresses at the end of the interview are no more valid as Gloom moved a few time since and the rehearsal local, that was in K.Dich's house doesn't exist anymore).

There are descriptions for each images, each one containing a retranscription of the scanned text, depending on the way you browse this page, there are different way to access it, generaly, in a menu related to the image you chose something like: “Image description” and that leads you to the transcription of that image.

As everyone evolves, the band and its members did too (and, as a matter of fact, the members are not all the same), so this interview is not really representative of the band anymore but still a lot of things are true on it.

Last but not least, we dedicate this interview to the memory of its interviewer that was a Gloom's friend: Jean-François Lahaut that died from a cancer the 5th of June 2008.